Gel per il cambiamento dell'umore

Gel per il cambiamento dell'umore


The color change of Mood Change Gel is not only affected by body temperature, but also by the ambient temperature. The color of the gel nails will change color automatically. Put it in cold or hot water and feel the magical transformation of your nail art.

Elegant Gel Nails - A combination of gel polishes in multiple colors will bloom your beauty. Our UV gel nail polish needs to be cured for 60-120 seconds under LED UV light.

The color stays gorgeous and the finish will be full of shine. The Mood Change Gel Kit can give you long-lasting beauty.

Warm Tips - It is very important to file and clean the nails before applying the base coat, this will avoid non-stick, not long-lasting or easy to peel off. Please don't apply the gel nails too thickly, apply thinly 2-3 times, it will not fall off easily after drying.

Perfect Match Uv Nails & Mood Color Changing Gel Polish, made of natural resin, non-toxic ingredients, making it safe, healthy and low odor. Natural ingredients have great covering power and smooth surface, which will not harm your skin and nails.

2891C Colori che cambiano umore

Bright neon green gel oil. Our mood-changing colors range from light to dark, and every color in between, to help you express yourself with our unique formulas.


3533-MY-MC Occhio di gatto che cambia umore

The colors can be changed at 32 degrees, and they are bright and shiny. The effect of the nail is perfect, so you will be satisfied with your nail decoration.


522-121-OBMJ Gel cambia umore Platinum Diamond

This mood-changing gel contains platinum glitters and is rich in reflective glitters, making your nail super bling. The gel just needs to be applied to clean nails and it will create an instant sparkling effect with a mirror-like finish.


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