Cappotto di base

Cappotto di base


As a leading UV gel nail polish manufacturer, we offer a wide range of high-quality base coat gel polishes. Our base coat category includes rubber base gels, base gel polishes, gel nail base and top coats, builder gel base coats, polygel base coats, and color base coats for gel manicures. These long-lasting base coats provide the ideal foundation for flawless gel nail applications.


Our base coats are available for wholesale and bulk order, making us a top gel polish supplier for nail professionals and salons. We also offer private label and custom nail polish manufacturing services. Sourced from vegan and cruelty-free ingredients, our base coats ensure a smooth, even application for stunning gel manicures every time.


From our rubber base gel factory to offering base top coat wholesale, nail gel wholesale, and gel nail supplier services, we have all your gel base coat needs covered. Contact us today for superior UV gel nail polish from a trusted wholesale nail polish vendor.

Immergiti dal gel del mantello da base

Il gel di base più veloce di Missgel di Missgel Gel 3846 di Missgel garantisce una manicure per unghie in gel impeccabile e duratura che può essere facilmente rimossa senza danneggiare le unghie. Offriamo opzioni all'ingrosso, al private e al pacchetto sfuso.


Smalto per gel di base che cambia base

Presentazione del nostro innovativo polacco di gel di base che cambia umore, un prodotto rivoluzionario che combina perfettamente le funzioni di una maniglia di base e uno smalto gel a colori. Questa formula all'avanguardia risponde alle variazioni di temperatura, passando tra tonalità vibranti e toni nudi per integrare ogni umore e occasione.


3854 - Gel di mantello di base di vitamina E

Il gel di base di vitamina E di Missgel è un cappotto di base nutriente arricchito con la vitamina idratante E. formulata con ingredienti di vitamina E, questo mantello di base in gel protegge e rinforza le unghie sottili e fragili promuovendo una forte e sana crescita delle unghie.


Gel di base 3812L

The gel polish base is a product that acts as a layer between the nail art and the nail plate. The base should be used when working with three-phase gel nail polishes, as it prevents them from sticking to their own pots.


2816 Gel Base - VENDITA CALDA

Missgel 2816 is a specially formulated gel-polish adhesion base that creates an adhesive bond between the nail plate and gel polish while not damaging the nail plate.


Gel di base 3839L

3839L is a soak off gel base coat that will strengthen your gel nails, preventing premature lifting after application. It is 100% free of formaldehyde and with no strong odor.


3839M 3 in 1 Funzioni Slip Solution/Base/Gel per colla per unghie

This double slip bottom design is perfect for use in beauty salons, allowing you to easily apply gel and gel-resistant finishes. The one of ours ballerina is the revolutionary tool that will change your life!


2816A-3 Base in gomma trasparente

A rubber base coat that is flexible and bends together with the nail. Rubber will give extra strength to flaky, brittle, thin, or splitting nails.


3828 Base in gomma trasparente - Nuovo

This is the upgraded version of 2816A-3. It has a medium and flexible consistency that makes it easy to distribute and will help you with aligning your nail plate, and hide flaws and imperfections.


3837-TRJF Base in gomma nuda

The rubber base coat is nude color, matching any skin tone.This one has good efficacy and is easy to shape.It remains beautiful and allows you to create a sophisticated look.


3837-XBY Base in gomma colorata

You’ll love our most popular multi-purpose colored base coat gel. It’s a colored rubber colored base coat that can be used not only as base gel but also as a colored gel polish and as a short extension.


3838X-SWDJ Base Colorata Glitter Salata

With the base coat at home, you can easily brush your nails and make them beautiful. The base coat is made of natural resin, harmless resin, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and high quality.


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